Most of the research I’ve developed over the years has focused on the affective and social aspects of agents and how they contribute to achieving social intelligent machines.  I believe that to achieve intelligent machines we need to build mechanisms and develop techniques that endow machines of “social competencies”. That has been my vision over the years, and my research was conducted through collaborative work with many partners all over the world, and through the participation in several national and international projects in the areas of social robotics, virtual agents, affective computing and serious games.  Some of these international projects  (eg. the LIREC, ECUTE, HUMAINE, EMOTE, AMIGOS projects) have influenced me deeply and shaped what I believe the area of Social Artificial Intelligence should be.

Further, I’ve been very lucky to be among the few set of academics that were at the forefront of innovative areas such as Intelligent Intelligent Virtual Agents and Affective Computing, having witnessed their birth, and how they are nowadays changing what we believe AI and computing is.

Above all, I’m interested in “Social Artificial Intelligence”.

So, the areas that I’ve been working over the years are:

At the moment I am involved in one EU funded network (the ANIMATAS ITN network) and one Portuguese Science Foundation project (the AMIGOS and the AGENTS project).

My CV can be found in here.