The Safira project (2000-2002) 

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Safira (2000-2002)  (Supporting Affective Interactions for Real-time Applications ) a EU funded project (FP5-011683) in the IST programme. SAFIRA was the first EU project in the area of Affective Computing and created a framework to enrich interactions and applications with an affective dimension. A set of basic demonstrators were created, showing the potential of such more humane systems: 2D and 3D virtual environments shared by synthetic characters and users, and ”anthropomorphized” personality-rich personal service assistant based applications.

The project was coordinated by me and had seven partners: Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, in the UK, DFKI and GMD in Germany, SICS in Sweden, ADETTI in Portugal and OFAI in Austria. Prof. Ana Paiva was the Prime Contractor and Principal Scientific Investigator (PI) of the SAFIRA project.