Please, find a more complete list of publications in my google scholar, in DBLP or in the GAIPS web page.

Here are some of my recent selected publications:

In Social robotics:

This paper shows a scenario of a robot that autonomously plays cards with three people, where one is his partner and two are his opponents.  I really like this paper because it is one of the first ones where we can show one robot teaming with a human against another team of two humans. The video associated with this paper can be found online. 


This paper shows provides a methodology to build social   behaviours in a robot by combining “designed strategies” (a traditional approach to build behaviours in robots) with social strategies learned from a Wizard after using a Wizard of Oz study. This methodology was used to build the social behaviours of the NAO empathic robot playing as a team in a serious game, in the EMOTE project.
This paper presents a novel framework that enables a robotic agent to efficiently learn and synthesize believable handwriting motion.