The Mind RACES project (‘From Reactive to Anticipatory Cognitive Embodied Systems- FP6-511931) was a three-year EC funded project (Sixth Framework Programme – Information Society and Technologies – Cognitive Systems) involving 8 Partners. The project started in October 1st 2004 and was formally completed on December 2007.

The general goal of the Mind RACES project  was to investigate different anticipatory cognitive mechanisms and architectures in order to build Cognitive Systems endowed with the ability to predict the outcome of their actions, to build a model of future events, to control their perception anticipating future stimuli and to emotionally react to possible future scenarios. Such Anticipatory Cognitive Systems will contribute to the successful implementation of the desired ambient intelligence.

At INESC-ID we created a new type of anticipatory mechanism (the emotivector) that we used to trigger affective responses  in agents and robots based on the salience of the  perceived events.